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Range Xperts is Now Top Notch Antennas - About Us

About Us:

About Top Notch Antennas

We're TV Antenna Experts at heart!  Top Notch Antennas LLC which serves as our main retail channel for both our Range Xperts and Almighty Antennas brands.  Our TV Antenna Line (the Range Xperts brand) and our Two Way Radio Antenna Line (Almighty Antennas).  We specialize in one thing only, design and offering for sale high quality antennas with performance in mind!

We are a small company, based in the US (Indiana).  Support and engineering is based here in the USA and many of our antennas are also designed by us, but like most consumer grade electronics on the market today, manufacturing is not.  Although we have sought contract US manufacturing our volume isn't at a high enough level or it was too cost prohibitive for a consumer grade electronics product.  

The owner is a former Sprint (the former wireless telecommunications company) Engineer and a US veteran (Signal Corps) and has been building antennas since the young age of 14 (when receiving his first Amateur Radio ticket).  Ham Radio is an enjoyable hobby in which one can build and use their own antennas to talk around the world!  This is what initially sparked his interest in the design of antennas and their creation thereof. 

We are a very small company based out of the United States (in the state of Indiana) and we're a U.S. Veteran-Owned company.   Although manufacturing is overseas, all customer service / support are based out of and done in Indiana.  

Some of our long range models are also US engineered, such as our patented models.  

We offer US support on our antenna products and are happy to assist you in any warranty / broken parts and/or a reception issue you're experiencing with our product.  We have also DOUBLED our antenna's warranty from a standard 1 year to a full 2 years, you can visit our Warranty Page Here.

If you're getting stuck on an assembly step in the manual or need assistance with troubleshooting a reception issue related to our product(s) we are only a phone call or email away. 


We're Not Installers 

Installing near Powerlines is deadly!  Additionally, climbing structures (i.e. ladders, roofs, towers, etc), slipping and/or falling imposes some additional real safety risks/dangers assumed by the end user.  Lightning and powerlines are just some dangers involved with installing an antenna, if you've never installed an outdoor antenna or unsure, a local professional that can actually visit your site is your best source of installation support.

We produce, sell, and/or design antennas and we're happy to provide product technical support for our product(s) and are also happy to assist with any reception issues you may be experiencing, part replacement requests, and/or if you get stuck on an assembly step (thorough assembly instructions are also included in the product manuals that are shipped with each antenna), however we and our staff are not installers and our knowledge may not be fully accurate in this regard or may be against your local building or electrical codes.  As such we cannot offer A to Z installation services or advice, especially from a remote location.  We and our staff are not qualified, certified or licensed as installers, and/or local codes may differ, therefore our information may not be accurate, pertain to, and/or up to date for your particular install needs.  We also cannot accurately assess the safety of your mounting arrangement, how secure it is, whether it will survive a bad storm, your grounding method and if you're putting yourself or others in danger, damaging your property etc from a remote location, these things are best assessed via a site visit from a local professional in your area.  

We do however offer a general install and safety guide on our Install Safety Page and in the product's owner's manuals that generally answers most questions for most installs, but such guides are meant to serve as a general guide that may not cover every individual safety or guideline scenario / variable and may not be fully up to date or fully accurate.  Local codes may also differ and there are also dangers / risks with installing antennas, such if you're not sure or confident on how to install a TV antenna, we recommend contacting a local professional in your area, that can actually visit your premises, for help. If local installers aren't available in your area, often local licensed electricians can also conduct a site visit to help ensure your install is safe and meets electrical and building codes.

Note, however if you need assistance with some reception troubleshooting issues pertaining to the product itself or warranty claim, etc, our support is more than happy to help.