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Range Xperts is Now Top Notch Antennas - About Us

About Us:

RangeXperts is a Top Notch Antennas Brand

We're TV Antenna Experts at heart!  Techies Store LLC is the owner of Top Notch Antennas which serves as our main retail channel for both our Range Xperts and Almighty Antennas brands.  Our TV Antenna Line (the Range Xperts brand) and our Two Way Radio Antenna Line (Almighty Antennas).  We specialize in one thing only, design and offering for sale high quality antennas with performance in mind!

We are a small company, based in the US (Indiana).  All support is based here in the USA and many of our antennas are also designed by us, but like most consumer grade electronics on the market today, manufacturing is not.  Although we have sought contract US manufacturing our volume isn't at a high enough level or it was too cost prohibitive for a consumer grade electronics product.  

The owner is a former Sprint Engineer and a US veteran (Signal Corps) and has been building antennas since the young age of 14 (when receiving his first Amateur Radio ticket).  Ham Radio is an enjoyable hobby in which one can build and use their own antennas to talk around the world!  This is what initially sparked his interest in the design of antennas and their creation thereof. 

We are a very small company based out of the United States (in the state of Indiana) and we're a U.S. Veteran-Owned company.   Although manufacturing is overseas, all customer service / support are based out of and done in Indiana.  

Some of our long range models are also US engineered, such as our patented models.