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Read Reviews of Our Products

Reviews on Our Products


A common question we are asked, is if we have product reviews.  We do plan on adding reviews on our website directly, however we already do have more than 3,000 feedbacks on eBay (see link below to read them) with an outstanding 100% customer feedback.  

We initially started selling our antennas on eBay, and over time we have accumulated mofe than 3,000 customer reviews/feedbacks (with a 100% positive feedback score) on eBay.  Overwhelmingly, you can see customers are highly satisfied with our antennas..

You can find and see what others have said about our antennas at the link below:



We've been selling our Range Xperts TV Antennas and Almighty CB Antennas since 2016 and can read customer feedback (3000 feedbacks with a 100% satisfaction rating) at the link above.