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Amplified 55 Mile Indoor HD TV Antenna
Amplified 55 Mile Indoor HD TV Antenna
Amplified 55 Mile Indoor HD TV Antenna
Amplified 55 Mile Indoor HD TV Antenna

Amplified 55 Mile Indoor HD TV Antenna

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Range Xperts APPS-2500 - Amplified (up to 55 mile) Indoor HDTV Antenna


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Amplified Pro Performance Series Model APPS-2500


*Note: An indoor antenna will never have the range of an outdoor antenna.  Getting long range from an indoor antenna will require a placement on a window (without metal srcreening or carbon / radiant barriers in the way) that faces the stations.   

Range assumes ideal scenarios with a line of sight path to regular power stations without obstructions in the way.  Non-full power stations, large trees or man-made structures  or walls can reduce range significantly!  Brick, stone, concrete walls or metal in the way (inside the walls or siding) are usually considered the worse case scenario due to their "shielding" effect, as such these materials can reduce range up to 95%!


  • Features: higher gain, ultra-low noise amplifier, longer 16ft cable, instead of cheap thin coax, has much higher grade (lower loss and better shielding) RG6 coax cable (the good thick stuff) and features a detachable coax system (coax connector allows you to also use your own coax / length in the future) and a true transformer RFI free power adapter (others use cheap, small switching power supplies, which ruin amplifier performance with RFI noise).
  • ULTRA HIGH PERFORMANCE - Amplified Flat TV Antenna model picks up analog, full HD 1080p, and 4k ready! It features a higher gain design with a true RFI clean transformer based power supply (most use small switching or usb power supplies which ruin amplifier performance with RFI) and lower noise amplifier for maximum effectiveness; and LONGER 16FT Coax Cable - Highly optimized to pick up as many channels as possible, with "up to" 55 mile range with a clear path towards broadcast towers! 
  • UNBELIEVABLY EASY MOUNTING - With it's versatile "through-hole" mounting holes (easily hang on existing screws/nails without removing them from wall) - You are not required to mount with screws or nails, item also includes both a nail-less, sticky pad to mount instantly on the wall without using nails and also includes suction cups for instant window mounting, or user may simply use thumbtacks placed through the antenna's thru-holes.
  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN - Easily match your decor, choose your color by simply flipping the antenna over (neutral white on one side, black on the other).
  • RECEPTION WARNINGS: Item will not work well within commercial / apartment / condos or in homes with brick, concrete, stone stucco, metal/aluminum walls or siding.  Metal, Brick, stone, or Concrete homes, buildings or large structures in the way composed of these materials will also prevent reception.
  • RECEPTION WARNING 2: Terrain blocking the path can harm the range of all TV antennas significantly! MOUNTAINS or large hills within 55 miles of your home, it's highly advisable to use the TV Signal Locator page at TVFool dot com website to ensure "LOS" (line of sight) paths exist prior to purchase. Channels with "edge" paths = blocked by terrain thus not likely.