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PATENTED VHF Upgrade Kit (fits heavy duty UHF only Insane Gain model only)
PATENTED VHF Upgrade Kit (fits heavy duty UHF only Insane Gain model only)
PATENTED VHF Upgrade Kit (fits heavy duty UHF only Insane Gain model only)

PATENTED VHF Upgrade Kit (fits heavy duty UHF only Insane Gain model only)

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Range Xperts XPS-UPG - VHF Long Range Upgrade Kit for the XPS-1500 UHF Only Model (note this kit is already included in our VHF/UHF Version) 

Note: Our Patented VHF Upgrade Kit is already included in the VHF/UHF Insane Gain model already.  This is only for those that have the UHF only version and decided to upgrade it's VHF range at a later date. 

More Info:  

This is our VHF Upgrade Kit (both US and overseas patented) for the Heavy Duty Insane Gain UHF Only Version (model: XPS-1500). 

Note: the XPS-1500 UHF Only version already comes UHF Deep Fringe Capable (meaning able to pick up weaker signals at further distances) with up to 100 mile line of sight on UHF in an ideal scenario, but will have less than 35 mile Line of Sight range on VHF.  This upgrade kit greatly upgrades its VHF range to up to 80 miles line of sight range.  The VHF/UHF antenna version already includes our patented VHF Kit. 

This kit upgrades the VHF band, so that it has extreme range performance on not just UHF, but the VHF band too.  Our patented VHF upgrade kit works by making the antenna even larger and adding multiple full sized VHF elements to the array, and it also leverages / creates a dual use of the XPS-1500 oversized UHF rear reflector elements by also utilizing them as effective VHF director elements.  It's connected via a patented, loss loss specialized VHF/UHF combiner, so that it's Deep Fringe Capable (able to pick up very weak signals) on the VHF band too. 

This VHF upgrade kit using several (12) VHF elements upgrades the XPS-1500 into both VHF and UHF Deep Fringe Capability (meaning those that have need very far range on both VHF and UHF). antenna  The kit works by extending the length of the existing XPS-1500 antenna and adding multiple full sized VHF elements and a VHF corner reflector.  Via its patented VHF/UHF combiner  the antenna along with the added VHF elements, greatly improves its VHF performance.


Note: we suggest using a TV signal look up site such as TVfool dot com to verify both the "Virtual" and "Real Channels" (the real channels are what's important in determing if they are actually still on VHF or not).  

In the pre-digital TV days TV channels 2-13 used to always be VHF, however in most cases they are using the these channels only virtually (and may actually be on UHF).   Their "real" channels , may no longer be on VHF, even though the channels still show up as CHs 2-13 on your TV set.  You can find the real and virtual channels via the "TV SIgnal Locator" page on TVfool.  If you need help, feel free to contact us to help answer this for you.  In many areas, nearly all of the stations real channels have moved to UHF frequencies, however in others VHF is still prevalent (espically in hilly, mountaineous, and rural areas). 


**INSTALLATION NOTE: You should keep the "Mast Clamp" on the XPS-1500 at the same spot (on the Mast Clamp sticker) even with the inclusion of this kit  We've intentionally designed our patent pending kit, such that it installs around the clamp (you don't even have to remove the mast clamp while installing the kit, if it's properly placed over the marked sticker).  Since the kit will add additional back weight, it's best to keep the clamp in this location, to help center balance the antenna (less stress on the mast) due to better weight distribution.   

Please Be Safe With Your Install, Also Read & Obey: