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Dual Stack UHF Only HDTV Antenna
Dual Stack UHF Only HDTV Antenna

Dual Stack UHF Only HDTV Antenna

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Dual Stack 200 Compact, Yet Powerful HD TV UHF Antenna

Announcing the Range Xperts Dual Stack 200 UHF HD TV antenna, with 2 x UHF Bowtie elements for double the gain along with a solid, large sized grid style reflector, for maximum gain for its size!  In most areas of the US, stations have largely moved to UHF and this is a compact high gain UHF antenna that can easily be mounted indoors or outdoors! 

Note if your area has weak VHF stations, we recommend one of our VHF/UHF antennas instead), as this model is designed for UHF only, its VHF range is limited on this antenna.

Bullet Description:

  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.  With up to 65 Mile Line of Sight (UHF only) range (if mounted outdoors above roof height)
  • Easily outperforms indoor only antennas with true antenna gain via phasing two antennas together for double the gain! 
  • A grid style reflector doubles the gain again. 
  • At under 15 inches wide,10 inches tall, and at only 3" depth, it's easily mounted in hard to access areas indoors or outdoors. 


Hang it on the wall by it's grid backplate reflector, or lean it against a bookshelf, or use the included mast clamp for attic or outdoor mounting.  Outdoor mounting yields the best result of course. 

This Item includes both a mast clamp and 33ft of coax cable. For wall mounting option, you'll need to supply your own wall hooks or screws (note, although this antenna has a wider patten the front of antenna should face the stations for a good result).


*IMPORTANT RECEPTION WARNINGS* -   Not recommended for apartment or condo building installs.  Also not recommend for inside homes that use brick, rock/stone, and/or concrete walls or with metal/aluminum siding, as these materials effectively shield out radio and tv signals.  Poor reception expected if mounting inside of apartments or condo buildings or buildings/homes that use brick,concrete, metal, or aluminum walls or exterior siding as these materials shield out tv signals...   Note: TV signals cannot penetrate through any metal, brick, or concrete barriers!   If you mounting indoors or below roof height, be aware of walls or neighboring homes composed of brick, concrete, and/or metal / aluminum siding, if the antenna isn't mounted above them and they're in between the path toward the TV stations.

Northeast USA & Areas with Weak Stations in Different Directions - Higher gain antennas are consequently also more directional.  This item's maximum strength is approx 35 degree wide, however can often pick up full power stations up to 35 miles away in all directions too, (assuming they aren't weak stations and/or blocked heavily by terrain), however If you reside in the Northeast part of the USA and/or in an area which has weaker stations (such as due to mountains or large hill ranges in the way (also known as 1edge or 2edge paths on the TVfool tv signal reference site) in different directions, a rotor or second antenna with a coax switch (a combiner sometimes also works well) may be needed to pick up stations in different directions.  

In the northeast part of the USA, this area is especially common to have weak stations heavily scattered in different directions and blocked by mountains and/or heavy hill ranges, thus a rotator is almost always necessary for this part of the USA.  We sell rotors in our store, but rotors are a bit pricey.  If a rotor is undesirable, a second best option would to add one of our quality Outdoor Omni-Directional antennas.

ATTIC Mounting -  Attic Mounting will always have lower range than outdoor mounting.  Note: if you must install indoors, our fully adjustable indoor / attic tripod is superior to stationary attic mounting solutions or limited movement mounting, as they'll reduce likelihood of getting the optimum signal indoors and you may find you have to mount too close to your homes walls or roof (thus adding loss).  No tools needed for our tool-less tripod and no drilling whatsoever into your expensive home.  It's superior to fixed mounts, as it installs instantly and both the height and direction are fully 360 degree adjustable at anytime, and you can place it away from home materials to prevent them from detuning it (via a simple hand tension knob to alter it's height or direction instantly). 

HIGH INSTALL LOSS WARNING - Long coax cable runs (more than 50ft of RG6) or running your antenna to more than one TV (or adding splittlers) creates high install loss that can greatly weaken the signal and reduce channels found, unless a quality, low noise "Signal Booster" is added.  View our store for name brand Signal Boosters for only $15 to $40.



  • Double the gain with 2 x bowtie stacked elements!
  • Wider Pattern Capture Technology (nearly 70 degree antenna pattern width at half power loss), means it's less sensitive to direction than Yagi style antennas
  • Indoor or Outdoor Antenna - Use our HD-T200 "tool-less" tripod for instant indoor, attic or outdoor mounting in seconds and without drilling any holes into your expensive home!


Please Be Safe With Your Install, Also Read & Obey: