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Little Mighty 80 Mile UHF Outdoor TV Antenna

Little Mighty 80 Mile UHF Outdoor TV Antenna

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Our Little Mighty YPS-500 - Up to 80 Mile UHF Outdoor TV Antenna

Although not quite as powerful as our insane gain models, this is for those looking for an affordable UHF only HDTV Antenna.  Our Little Mighty YPS-500 is small, but mighty for its size, with an up to 80 mile line-of-sight UHF range in an ideal scenario (less than 25 mile on VHF) Yagi style TV antenna.  It's a more economical alternative to our larger Insane Gain up to 100 mile models. 

Measuring at only an approx 29" in length and with 10 x UHF elements, we call it our Little Mighty, as it provides a powerful UHF punch for its respective size.    



This antenna is designed for UHF HDTV signals only (this is where most channels have moved to for most areas of the USA (but not all)), as such VHF range will be greatly limited, (VHF range will be under 25 miles in even flat areas and significantly less than 25 mile VHF range in hilly / mountainous areas).    If you also need good range on VHF, please see one of our VHF/UHF insane gain models instead.

*Note: to keep costs down, this item ships without a fancy box. but rather ships in just plain box or polybag (instructions are included).

Need something stronger?   Also check out our Insane Gain TV Antenna models inour store.


Models Compared:

Our Insane Gain VHF/UHF Antenna:

Competitors So Called 150 – 990 Mile Antennas

# of UHF Elements,

(more elements create more antenna gain):


Only 5

# of VHF Elements:

*TIP: more elements creates more antenna gain.


Only 1

Length (longer size also increases gain)







18" (approx)



Deep Fringe Capable: (very weak signal pickup) Yes No