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4-Way Splitter with Power Pass Feature (non-amplified splitter only)

4-Way Splitter with Power Pass Feature (non-amplified splitter only)

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RCA 4-Way Splitter with Power Pass Feature


This model does include power pass!   Why do you want a splitter with a DC Power Pass Feature?

Well if you plan on using an outdoor preamplifer near the antenna, (which tend to work better than an indoor amplifier with an extended length of coax in between it and the antenna), and plan on running more than one TV off of your antenna, a power pass feature is often needed to sucessfully power the outdoor preamplifier. 

The outdoor preamplifiers usually work with an included power inserter and this voltage needs to pass through in order to power the outdoor preamplifer that's outside. 

Outdoor signal preamplifiers typically also include an indoor piece (a coax power inserter) so that you don't need to run any electrical power outside to the outdoor preamplifer module (you just screw on your coax cable to the outdoor module).  This power inserter technology injects low voltage DC power inside the coax cable and directly to the other end of the cable where the outdoor preamplifier module then detects and uses it to power itself..

Pretty neat and convenient, with one caveat.  If there is a splitter without a power pass feature, is placed in between this indoor "power inserter" piece that came with your outdoor preamplifier (most of them work this way, including the RCA outdoor preamplifier model we sell) and the outdoor preamplifier module, that splitter will also drop the voltage, leaving the outdoor preamplifier in an unpowered state.   When this happens the signals are often dropped off.  Whereas using the Power Pass connector on a splitter that has the power pass option, will allow the DC voltage to leave the splitter without voltage (or only very minimal) droppage.

RCA 4-Way Splitter Features:

4 Way Splitter, For Satellite & Digital Cable Applications, 5-2400 MHZ, 12V DC Power Pass For LNB Power, Bi-Directional Signal Processing.

  • Splits a single coax output signal from TV Antenan, cable TV, VCRs or other components for connection to four TVs 
  • 4 way splitter supports up to 4 tvs from a single antenna (preamplifier may be requred).
  • Frequency 5MHz - 2400 MHz
  • Dual grounded connections
  • Precision cast body
  • DC Power Pass Technology (allos use of outdoor preamplifiers)