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Range Xperts - 50 Mile (non-amplified version) Indoor HDTV Antenna

Range Xperts - 50 Mile (non-amplified version) Indoor HDTV Antenna

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 Range Xperts PPS-1000 - Non Amplified (up to 50 miles) HDTV Antenna



  • Non-Amplified version features excellent reception performance, over a wider range of channels (up to 50 miles range)!
  • Innovative flat, paper-thin, aesthetic pleasing antenna design!
  • Easily matches your indoor décor, each side has a different color (neutral black and white colors)!
  • Easy installation, no tools and no assembly required!
  • Includes both easy through-holes and suction cup options, makes mounting a snap!
  • RECEPTION WARNINGS: Item will not work well within commercial / apartment / condos or in all brick, stone, or concrete walled homes, or stucco, metal/aluminum siding.  Metal, Brick, Stone, Concrete homes or buildings, barnd, or large structures composed of these materials in the way will also prevent reception.
  • RECEPTION WARNING 2: Terrain blocking the path can harm the range of all TV antennas significantly! MOUNTAINS or large hills within 65 miles of your home, it's highly advisable to use the TV Signal Locator page at TVFool dot com website to ensure "LOS" (line of sight) paths exist prior to purchase. Channels with "edge" paths = blocked by terrain thus not likely.