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50ft Coax Cable & Antenna Combo Deal!
50ft Coax Cable & Antenna Combo Deal!

50ft Coax Cable & Antenna Combo Deal!

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This is high grade, low loss 50ft of quality grade loss loss RG6 Coax Cable with pre-installed coax connectors, (the good stuff) plus an outdoor 360 Degree HDTV antenna combo special.   

The included 360 degree outdoor HDTV antenna is also a great back-up or spare antenna or a great traveling antenna.

Unlike most omni directional antennas, ours does work on both the VHF and UHF bands (many competitor's  360 dgree models only offer UHF).   Decent up to 60 mile  line of sight range, good option for those with stations in multiple directions.  Due to the low cost many customers (especially in the Northeast) will use both an omni and a directional antenna along with an A/B coax switch.   

Want to run the antenna to multiple TVs?   Amplify it, we sell RCA brand of signal amplifiers starting at $15!  Also see our SIgnal Amplifier page (note if you're running the antenna to only one TV without splitters in the line, a signal amplifier is usually not necessary or beneficial).