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Instant Attic / Indoor Mount with Signal Peaking Technology
Instant Attic / Indoor Mount with Signal Peaking Technology

Instant Attic / Indoor Mount with Signal Peaking Technology

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Range Xperts HD-T200 Instant Indoor / Attic Mount


Get Better Indoor Signals with our Instant (no tools needed) Attic Mount with Signal Peaking Technology!  


*WARNING: Indoor reception will be terrible within apartments, condos, or even within homes / attics with brick, concrete, stone/rock walls in the way or if the  cement board or metal / aluminum siding is in the way.  Additionally metal roofs or if any metal in the way (i.e. such as radiant barriers / insulative metallic films, electrical panels, electrical wiring in walls, metallic roof flashing, etc), if these types of jaterials are near or i the way, outdoor mounting above the roof is unfortunately often necessary.  Receeption may be terrible if mounting indoors as these materials ,will effectively shield out the signals if in the way toward the broadcast towers.  If these materials exist, an outdoor mounting solution may likely be necessary.  

*Note: This item is for indoor / attic use only (wind will blow over tripod). 

How this Improves Reception over Standard Attic Masts:

Okay, sounds like a fancy title, but that's basically what this Range Xperts HD-T200 indoor antenna tripod does, (it helps with getting a better reception result vs other stationary/ limited in movement attic & mounting methods and it's easier to install too).   With this indoor attic mounting solution no tools are needed and no screwing into your home's studs.  Instead you simply extend the legs of the tripod and put the antenna on the top mounting pole and it's ready to go.  The tripod is then height adjustable, easily rotated, or simply can be picked up and moved to a more favorable spot.  The top pole is the same diameter of a typical TV antenna mast, so universally fits outdoor tv antennas.

When using an antenna indoors or in the attic oftentimes tweaking all three ranges of movement can effect the final reception result. The height, choosing different spot locations within the attic, and where it's turned, (basically all ranges of movement/location) can often make profound differences in the final reception result, so having easy, instant control of all 3 axis of movement can often be detrimental to the best indoor result. 

The reason different mounting spots and heights can make large differences indoors / in the attic, is due to a range of hidden and unknown materials that can reflections, blockages, and sometimes even detuning by various materials near or in the way of the antenna, that are often hidden inside the walls and roof (the amount of nails in the wood  wall or roof studs / shingles, the electrical wiring, electrical panels / conduit, radiant barriers, roof flashing, the walls / siding, etc as some examples that have some impact on the result indoors).  Although attic / indoor mounting isn't always possible, having the ability to mitigate some of these issues via a larger range of adjustments can sometimes help make the best of a less than ideal mounting situation.  

Instead of going up to the maximum 7ft height, we recommend lowering the tripods height also and compare.  Oftentimes mounting the antenna too high in the attic can make reception worse, so having a telescoping tripod also allows a way to test different heights easily (height adjustable from 3ft to 7ft via simple thumb screw).  Metal roofs are near impossible to pass through, but some reception is also lost though asphalt shingles or roof flashing if in the way or nearby (due to potential of antenna, so should also trying a lower height of the tripod's top pole as sometimes a lower mounting height will show a better result in the attic. 

Small placement locations in the attic may also show dramatic changes, as many things may not be visible that can also cause reflections, antenna detuning, obstruction losses, such as  the amount of metal nails at that spot, electrical wiring or panels behind the walls, radiant barrier films, concrete, etc.  With our attic tripod method now there's an easy way to easily tweak all three (direction, height, and different spots in the attic). 


Mount's Features:

Specially designed for TV antenna mounting indoors, it's vastly superior to fixed attic mounts in both ease of install and  often provides better TV reception results too (we'll explain how) via its signal peaking technology!   No tools and best yet, you don't have to screw it into your home's valuable wood!  It's portable so you can try it room to room before deciding on a permanent install in the attic.  It requires no tools or hardware and it installs instantly!  No tools, as there is no hardware to install.  No drilling into your valuable home's wood and no screws, bolts, or nuts to install!  Simply extend the tripods legs outward, put the outdoor antenna on the top pole of the tripod (use the antenna's mast clamp for this) and then adjust the tripod's height and direction to your needs!

BETTER RECEPTION - These indoor antenna tripods are leaps and bounds superior to fixed attic mounts when it comes to reception and acquiring the absolute best signal inside the home as well!  The problem with regular attic mounts that you screw down, is you have to screw it down near other materials, which add loss and can detune the antenna if they're too close.  Worse yet, is they're limited in adjustment.  Once you bolt/screw/nail them in, you're generally stuck in that final mounting location.  However with indoor /attic mounting, often moving the antenna over a few feet and/or adjusting it's height a few feet can make profound differences.  With this tripod with tv antenna mast diameter tubes, you can move the tripod over, adust direciton ,and height instantly on the fly and no bolting / screwing into your home! 


 With our tool-less tv antenna tripods, solve both of these reception performance issues.  It offers substantially superior indoor reception performance.  This is due to it keeps wood, nails, roof flashing, metal frames, and related materials farther away from the antenna (which reduces loss and prevents antenna detuning by objects touching or very near to the aerial).  Both the height and 360 degrees of rotation can be changed on the fly and locked down any time with a single tension knob (read more about Signal Peaking below):

INSTANT 3 AXIS ADJUSTMENT / SIGNAL PEAKING - However, the biggest gain in optimum reception likely comes from the simple fact that this style of indoor mounting of your outdoor antennas allows for infinite, instant adjustments on the fly of both height and direction (greatly saving time finding the sweet spot inside your home)!  Thirdly, you can pick up the tripod and move it over a few feet if that mounting location isn't working out!   

SIGNAL PEAKING TECNOLOGY - you simply mount the antenna on the top pole of the tripod and just adust the height and turn the pole for maximum channel reception and watch your hardest to pick up channels start to maximize as you tune them in!  With 3 ranges of movement (up/down, 360 degree rotatation, and moving the tripod to other areas of the room/attic) you're guaranteed to find the best, most optimum mounting spot in your home!  When the best possible reception is found, simply lock it all down with a simple thumb knob screw with your hands (no tools needed with this mount)!   No worries about this tripod moving. Once you find your spot, its robust legs hold the tripod securely in place on the floor (no installation hardware necessary).  It can even hold up to 7ft TV antennas at full height, and up to 10ft antenas at a reduced height without fail or movement once locked in place!

SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR OUTDOOR TV ANTENNAS - This may look similar to a camera tripod by the picture, however it's not even close to the same.  This is tailored to handle awkward, large TV antenna loads and works universally with all outdoor antennas and antenna mast clamps (the top pole of this tripod has the same O.D. (outside diamater) as a standard TV pole mast)!  The tripod is also much more heavy duty, robust and sturdy.  It handles 10 times the weight and can even handle even 7ft VHF antennas rock solid at full 6ft height!

It also features an anti-tipover design with lightweight metal (aluminum) poles for the top poles and weighted steel legs at the bottom, which allows it to handles up to 7ft long antennas at FULL HEIGHT without falling over and up to 10ft long tv antennas at a reduced height.  

The smallest pole (the top pole) is the same diameter as a standard TV antenna mast / pole (approx 1.2"), so it works universally with all outdoor TV antennas and their mast clamps!


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