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RCA Digital Outdoor TV Antenna Rotor with Remote
RCA Digital Outdoor TV Antenna Rotor with Remote

RCA Digital Outdoor TV Antenna Rotor with Remote

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RCA Digital Outdoor TV Antenna Rotor & Remote with Memories!  

Note: You'll also need to add Rotor Wire (sold separately).  

If you're in an area where stations are heavily scattered in multiple directions, but your area also requires a long range antenna, a rotor can solve this dilemma.  This unit has some improvements over older rotors. The problem with old style rotators, is their process of constantly finding the best position after turning it, can be quite burdensome in re-locating the best spot/direction for best reception.  This rotor solves this in two ways.  It has a more accurate, easily repeatable "digital" readout for higher precision, plus it has memories!   Therefore, you only have to find the best positioning once, and thereafter can conveniently always come back to the very best antenna azimuth / direction via the stored memories feature.  


Advanced Features:

  • Remote Control - fine tune your outdoor antenna easily from inside your home for a perfect picture.
  • Programmable Memory - save up to 12 directions for accurate recall everytime!
  • Digital Display - indicates preset and antenna position during operation.
  • Wind Stability - gear reduction locks antenna in place for a stable antenna. 
  • Precise tuning control - high precission gear mechanism provides precise and accurate positioning for each channel.


Note: Rotors don't include the rotor wire (sold separately).  Also add Rotor Wire.