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RCA Indoor Signal Amplifier - AMP1450e
RCA Indoor Signal Amplifier - AMP1450e

RCA Indoor Signal Amplifier - AMP1450e

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RCA Indoor Signal Amplifier - AMP1450e 
NOTE: RCA / VOXX is having supply issues on this item, will not likely have more stock until late May 2022. 

RCA digital signal amplifiers add just the right amount of amplification to weak signals, giving you the best reception possible while preserving signal purity with our new Extremely Low-Noise (ELN) circuitry.

  • Optimizes performance with separate UHF/VHF digital amplification
  • Upgrades passive antennas to CEA approved amplified antennas
  • Easy coax connection
  • 1-year limited warranty

*IMPORTANT TIP -  Indoor Signal Boosters / Amplifiers can work nearly as well as outdoor amplifiers only if the loss between the amplifier to the antenna is low, (up to 50ft of low loss RG6  cable length without splitters between the amplifier and antenna side).  Try to put the splitters and longer coax run on the "TV side" of the amplifier side.  If this isn't possible, use the Outdoor Signal Amplifier model instead .

All splitters, high loss components (note: coaxial lightning arrestors or coaxial grouning blocks are low loss components so won't cause issue) and/or additional RG6 coax cable length (beyond 50ft) should be installed on the "TV Side" (the output connector on the amplifier), otherwise a quality Outdoor Signal Amplifier should be used for a good result. 

*Note that coaxial/antenna grounding blocks or lighting arrestor (devices that add some lightning protection) are low loss components, so these won't effect the performance when installed between the antenna and signal amplifier or the power inserter (if an outdoor signal amplifier), coaxial lightning arrestors along with proper grounding are recommended for some lightning protection and these should be installed per their manufacturer's instructions/NEC guidelines.  High loss components namely refers to splitters.   Splitters are best installed on the "TV Side" (the output connector on the amplifier), if the splitters cannot be moved to the "TV Side" of the amplifier then a quality Outdoor Signal Amplifier should be used instea for a good result.