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RCA 22db Outdoor Signal Amplifier
RCA 22db Outdoor Signal Amplifier

RCA 22db Outdoor Signal Amplifier

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RCA 22db Outdoor Signal Amplifier

*Tip: You just screw on the coax cable outside, you do not need to run any electrical power outside, this model also includes an indoor coax power inserter.

*Tip #2: You can actually serverely lose all reception if using with a splitter without power pass, (needed to pass DC power thorugh the splitter to the amplifier)  To prevent voltage droppage due to the splitter in between the included indoor coax power inserter and the outdoor preamplifier module, make sure your splitter that also has "Power Pass".  We also carry inexpensive splitters with Power Pass also:

We Carry the RCA 2-Way and 4-Way Splitters that have the "Power Pass" feature.



No, you don't have to run any power outside, just coax cable only.  This model includes an indoor "coax power inserter" (power injector) that sends DC voltage inside your coax to the outdoor preamplifier for you (RCA includes it in the box).  Outside you just use regular coax cable from the preamplifier to the antnenna.  No power is needed outside, just screw on the coax cable between it and the antenna.  However, if you have a splitter in between, make sure your splitter  which has DC "Power Pass" and use that connector.  We Carry the RCA 2-Way and 4-Way Splitters that have the "Power Pass" feature.


If your install has a splitter in-between the two pieces (the indoor coax power inserter and the outdoor preamplifier mdule), make sure the power inserter is routed to the connector marked as power pass.  If your splitter doesn't have power pass, adding this device may severely drop out TV signals instead of of amplifying them!  Many new splitters include power pass already and we sell inexpensive splitters ($9-$11.00) with the power pass feature on our website as well. 


  • UHF Gain: 22db
  • VHF Gain: 16db

*This is enough gain to restore loss for up to an 6-way splitter and 200ft of  RG6 Coax Cable (or up to an 8 way splitter and 100ft of RG6 cable to each TV).

Additional Features / Spes

  • Switchable FM trap reduces interference from FM frequencies
  • combined inputs for UHF/VHF
  • VHF gain: 16dB
  • UHF gain: 22dB
  • Intermodulation: Avg>60dB
  • 1-year RCA / VOXX limited warranty

*Important Note: If your install doesn't have high install loss, signal amplifiers (or preamplifiers) likely won't help.  They're meant for installs with we;; over 50ft of coax cable and/or splitters in the line that are dropping down the signal, otherwise they typically won't make an impactful improvement to the reception or range of an antenna.  


Outdoor signal amplifiers are the most effective, as they are closely mounted to the antenna with virtually no install loss in between.  This unit also includes a "power injector", which allows you to plug it in inside, without running any electrical wires outside.  You can run a longer coax run from the amplifier outside (up to 150ft of low loss RG6 cable) to the power injector that's plugged-in inside the home.  

*Note that coaxial/antenna grounding blocks or lighting arrestor (devices that add some lightning protection) are low loss components, so these won't effect the performance when installed between the antenna and signal amplifier or the power inserter (if an outdoor signal amplifier), coaxial lightning arrestors along with proper grounding are recommended for some lightning protection and these should be installed per their manufacturer's instructions/NEC guidelines.  High loss components namely refers to splitters.   Splitters are best installed on the "TV Side" (the output connector on the amplifier),


If your install has more than 50ft of low loss RG6 (or more than 20ft of smaller diameter RG59) coax cable or you're splitting your antenna's signal to more than one TV, you may benefit by adding a signal booster as your loss will be 3db or higher.  These devices effectively restore the signal that is lost due to high install loss.  If running both a splitter and 50ft or more cable, they become even more necessary.  Essentially, the more install loss you have beyond 3db, the more effective a signal booster becomes. 

This unit also includes a "power injector", which allows you to plug it in inside, without running any electrical wires outside.  Power injectors work by powering the amplifier outside (where it works best at the antenna), through the coax cable itself. An outdoor signal amplifier is more expensive than an indoor model, but offers the best performance and is still highly effective at replenishing high install loss, even if antenna is installed further away from the home. 

Install Tips:

  • Tip  #1: the antenna connects to the outdoor amplifier's "input" connector, and the amplifier's output connector runs to the power injector that's installed inside the home. 
  • Tip #2: If possible, for higher amplifier gain, don't install the splitters) between the power injector's connector that routes to the amplifier, instead install splitters and all other high loss devices on the power injector's "TV Side" (note coaxial lightning arrestors or grounding blocks are low loss so won't deteriorate performance)


  • Improves reception by eliminating high install loss.
  • Low noise design with 22db of UHF gain and 16db of VHF gain.
  • Preserves signal purity with Extremely Low Noise (ELN) circuitry.
  • Choice of both separate or single combined input for UHF/VHF..
  • Switchable FM trap reduces interference from FM frequencies.
  • Also covered by 1 year RCA warranty